Implementing BI Tools with Microsoft Dynamics AX Part #2: Leveraging Microsoft AX out-of-the-box BI

Implementing BI Tools with Microsoft Dynamics AX Part #2: Leveraging Microsoft AX out-of-the-box BI

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Insights from: Understanding the Challenges of Business Intellige​nce: What You Should Know Before Deploying a BI Solution (White paper written by Gina Pabalan)

Many manufacturers have misaligned expectations of what it will take to achieve a successful BI and reporting capability within Microsoft Dynamics AX.  Since Microsoft professes "out-of-the-box" BI capability, an expectation has been set that companies can simply turn BI on and it will deliver intended value.

What is not so clear is that Microsoft's "out-of-the-box" BI capabilities are merely an example of how Microsoft's BI technologies (SSAS/OLAP Cubes, SSRS, Power BI and Role Centers) can work together to fulfill a comprehensive BI Solution.  The resulting solution is not an industry best practice, nor unique in any way to your business.   Customers are left wondering how to leverage and adapt what Microsoft is delivering to meet their own enterprise informational needs.

Important Things to Remember:

  • Understand the BI technology pyramid, and consider what that means for your organization.
  • Since BI will evolve over time, companies should seek to build skills internally across the pyramid to support and enhance its BI solution.
  • Evaluate and leverage Microsoft's BI technology stack, however, do not disregard products on the market that may enhance those tools.  There may be a place for both to co-exist.
  • Regardless of what your pyramid looks like, there is high value in leveraging Microsoft Excel as part of your BI technology stack.  Excel is an effective tool that offers high user adoption, a low learning curve and advanced user analytics.

An ERP system is designed for efficient and scalable transaction processing, not for reporting.  Starting with a stable ERP system, one can then build a sensible data framework for enterprise reporting.

Luckily, Fullscope is fully equipped to assist manufacturing businesses successfully implement BI tools with Microsoft Dynamics AX. To learn more about what you should now about deploying a BI solution, be sure to download Gina Pabalan's white paper Understanding the Challenges of BI.

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