Parature and Social Media for Customer Service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Parature and Social Media for Customer Service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

November Blog Series: Tools We're Thankful For

Insights From: Mary Bradley (Business Development Manager) and Art Small (CRM Solutions Consultant)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now better equipped to handle customer service issues thanks to Parature Social Monitor. This new service allows the user to monitor and respond to customer service issues from multiple social media channels. 

One potentially time-saving feature is its ability to automatically create customer service tickets that are then routed to the appropriate party within an organization, and this allows customer service, sales, marketing and many more teams within an organization to work together to resolve issues using one tool.

A few other key features:

  • Tags related viewing threads and posts to help better understand the customer
  • Connects directly to the service desk for enhanced social media and email responses
  • Captures multichannel social media interaction history within one user interface
  • Searches keywords, messages, posts, influencers and usernames
  • Filters events based off parameters pertaining to tags, channel and network
  • Enables the administrator to manually change event information within a ticket to reflect status
  • Reviews social interactions quickly using Speed Mode

Together, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Parature Social Monitor help provide an easier way to manage a 360-degree view of the customer.

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