Parature Cost Reduction for Customer Service using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Parature Cost Reduction for Customer Service using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

November Blog Series: Tools We're Thankful For

Insights From: Mary Bradley (Business Development Manager) and Art Small (CRM Solutions Consultant)

The new cloud-based, multi-channel customer service software Parature from Microsoft actually offers a decade's worth of experience to organizations. It offers great cost reduction capabilities, and its goal is to provide excellent customer experiences through its services. 

Parature's Microsoft-specific service, ParaConnect, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to provide increased visibility and intelligence for organizations.

It offers many opportunities for cost-saving benefits to organizations who implement its services including increased staff productivity, empowered and proactive consumer experiences, and improved customer service efficiency. ParaConnect enables consistency across all channels, and each branch of an organization can put into action its own customized look and feel depending on its specific customer service needs.

The cost of taking customer service calls can also be greatly reduced by using these services, and fewer calls are necessary for customer service representatives because the consumer is directed to a self service module.

Together, Parature and Microsoft Dynamics partner to create a unique and unmatched system for customer service.

Here are few statistics that illustrate the need for the Parature platform:

65% of customers will leave a brand over bad service

47% of customers contact a brand multiple times to complain

43% of customers are passed to an agent

38% of customers experience long hold times

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