Day in the Life of a Fullscope Human Resources Manager and Recruiter

Day in the Life of a Fullscope Human Resources Manager and Recruiter

October Blog Series: Day in the Life

Insights from: Donna Goff

Welcome to the next installment in the Edgewater Fullscope day in the life series.

Today we meet Donna Goff, a Human Resources Manager and Recruiter.

Favorite part about working with the Fullscope Team

The reason I l​​ove being a part of the Fullscope team begins with the commitment to honesty, integrity and excellence that is a "deep-down" part of our culture and the way we operate. The list of reasons is a long one, including the satisfaction of seeing the support the team gives one another from day-today calls that go out from our consultants asking for input on specific challenges or issues they may be having (and seeing all the supporting emails that are returned!) to experiencing that support personally.

The most challenging day recently

Each day has its challenge​s as I help the Fullscope team look for key talent while also supporting team members in the field.  There are so many challenging days because each area of responsibility I have has so many moving parts that cannot be controlled.  My challenge is managing the moving parts to create successful outcomes.

A typical day at the office

Beginning the day
I start my day early to get a jump on emails.  This is when I start to prioritize all tasks and requests that have come in overnight.  I never ease into t​he day; it starts moving at the pace of a roaring river right off the bat, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Prioritizing issues within the many categories of HR is challenging.  Most of my time is spent speaking with candidates and pushing the best ones t​hrough the acquisition process.My other responsibilities revolve around prioritizing phone calls and ensuring that I respond to each team member's questions within 24 hours.

Best part of the job​
I enjoy so many a​​spects of my role, but honestly I most enjoy the relationships I form with new members of our team during the recruiting phase. These run throughout their employment as I support them in ways that make their life easier and as they concentrate on supporting our clients.  Anything I can do to support them (and sometimes their spouses too!) makes me feel great.

End of D​ay
There is an End of ​Day but not an end of the To Do List!  This is when I take a quick look at how I did against the day's tasks and redo my To Do List for the next day.  Many times I realize I have not answered an important question from a team member, or I did not get an interview set up that needs to happen. So, I complete those tasks before I pack up for the day.​

Which MS products do you use at work?

I use the MS Office Suite every day all day; no matter if it's Outlook, Lync, Word, or Excel.  I would be lost without each tool.​

Which Microsoft products do you view to be essential business tools?

All of these tools are important, but my pick would be Lync.  Lync is essential to communication and to accomplishing planned as well as ad hoc meetings and collaborations.

Tip about why to work with Fullscope

Folks can see the disti​nctions Fullscope has in the Microsoft, ERP, CRM, Partner and Manufacturing communities (awards, development of AX and CRM functionality, etc).  What they cannot see is the culture of learning we have: the support you are given as a part of our team, the "roll up your sleeves and get the job done attitude," and the "family" feeling you get when you are a part of Fullscope.  One of the folks that left Fullscope and returned to us said "I can't wait to get home".  That says it all!

Favorite things to do outside of work

My favorite activities involve ​spending time outdoors with my family and on horseback!  We have a small farm with 12 horses, a Welsh Mountain Pony, five long-horned cattle, three new baby calves, dogs and a cat. We raise and train American Quarter Horses for ranch use and Western sports such as Team Roping and Calf Roping.  I started my horse career competing in Hunter Jumper classes and Fox Hunting; now I am 100% Cow Girl.  I also enjoy time with my "Littlest Cowgirl," my three-year-old granddaughter who loves horses and working in the garden with me.  Relaxation time for me is spent in the barn!

Donna Goff



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