Day in the Life of a Fullscope Associate Business Analyst

Day in the Life of a Fullscope Associate Business Analyst

October Blog Series: Day in the Life

Insights from: Bill Harvey

Welcome to the next installment in the Edgewater Fullscope day in the life series.

Today we meet Bill Harvey, an Associate Business Analyst.

Favorite part about working with the Fullscope team

During my short tenure, I have been given the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally while applying my business acumen and expanding my knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics. The wealth of knowledge, and overall intellectual capital that exists within the organization is second to none. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to educate myself and have access to this dynamic talent pool. Transitioning from a seasoned IT Professional and Business Unit Leader into the role of a functional consultant has been challenging, but the culture at Fullscope is refreshing to me personally coming from a business outside the consulting world.

The most challenging day recently

While recently providing support during a client's "go live," and being the onsite liaison with our team at the client's corporate office, I was in the position to provide a calming presence to the client's normal startup jitters. I also provided troubleshooting and accurately resolved any reported issues. The entire team pulled together, and our ability to react quickly lead to another successful Fullscope Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation.


I have found that effective time management is the key to success and allows me to address issues that arise without causing undo delays. I follow the project task that has been assigned to me, and I always try to build a buffer into the deliverables to accommodate any noise issues that arise.

Best part of the job​

​​I really enjoy meeting new customers, sharing common experiences (having been in their shoes for most of my career), and teaching them how to implement and utilize Dynamics AX to meet their specific goals and objectives. Being a part of a team that can overcome both tactical and strategic business challenges is very rewarding and energizes everyone around me.

Favorite things to do outside of work

I believe hard work and achieving a successful work-life balance is key to ones' ability to enjoying what they do. I personally enjoy sharing my many blessings in life, specifically my summer home and charter fishing business on Lake Ontario. I enjoy riding my Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Firefighter Addition motorcycle as well as investigating the cause and origins of fires. I have been a volunteer firefighter for 40 years and maintain my NYS Level II certification. I find that creating a hypothesis and systematically eliminating possible causes challenges me, and I liken it to requirements gathering, trouble-shooting, and problem resolution in my professional career. I guess I was destined to be a problem-solver.





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