Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Customer/Vendor Templates

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Customer/Vendor Templates

AX2012 has the ability to setup documents of type 'Template' and use them on 'Customers' or 'vendors'.  This document describes the setup and use of templates.

Setup Tables

1.1.   Path:  Organization Administration/Setup/Document Management/Document Data Sources

  • Add a new document source of Type 'Query'
  • Activate the query

1.2.   Path:  Open up Excel or word and click on 'Dynamics AX' tab in the ribbon

  • Click on 'Add Data' button
  • This will list the queries that you have activated in the previous step

Select the data source that you want to use and click 'OK'

AX Task pane will be populated with fields from this query

  • Wherever you want to bind data from the query, place the curser there, select the appropriate field in the task pane, and then click one of the following 3 buttons in the task pane:
    1. Insert as Value
    2. Insert as Column
    3. Insert as Label

Once you have selected the fields, save the document.

1.3.   Path:  EP/Shared Document Library

Add the templates that you created to a shared document library.

1.4.   Path:  Organization Administration/Setup/Document Management/Document Types

Create a document type of class 'Template Library'

  • Specify the Archive Directory
  • At the bottom of the form, specify the URL for the shared library

This will synchronize all the documents from EP

You can manually Synchronize by Clicking on the button in the menu bar

  • Activate the documents
  • The Primary Table shows on which form the template will show up

Customer Templates

Once the templates have been activated, you can access them from the customer or vendor form.

When you select the template, the values are populated by the system.

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