Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Inspiring the Future of Business Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Inspiring the Future of Business Intelligence

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Insights on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Art Small (CRM Solutions Consultant)

How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online positively impact manufacturers that implement it?

​Having this system allows all users to be in the know because all data is in a centralized location as opposed to it being housed on each individual's computer. As a result, manufacturers don't have to take the proactive step of sharing information. The system does it for them. Users may now have a 360-degree view of their customers. CRM also provides native business intelligence through Dashboards and Reports. This helps support faster response times, better business intelligence and improved data analyses.

Important Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online tools and systems for manufacturers:

Dashboards provide a business intelligence visual that users need to quickly understand what is occurring within their manufacturing business.

Business Process Flow (BPF) guides users all the way through specific processes. The user will always know what to do next.

Account Management Awareness deliver a 360-degree view that helps ensure all related processes and work flows are in place and actionable.

Social Collaboration displays conversations held between users and potentially between all employees (through integration with Yammer). For example, sales can now interact with the engineering teams who may not normally be a CRM users. In general, the social collaboration provides a "real-world" understanding of what is happening with a record.

Real-Time Workflows model and automate processes before or after specific trigger events eliminating the need for JavaScript or CRM plugins.

How has the cloud inspired change within this software?

​The cloud has facilitated several changes within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online including a more rapid system startup, faster information access, and the ability to eliminate on-premise servers.

What is the future for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

Microsoft recently acquired three new companion companies providing better products: ParatureYammer, and Netbreeze. They will make integrations with the Dynamics CRM core product much more seamless.

About the products:

Parature enhances the customer experience by providing online help via Knowledge Bases.

Yammer enables better collaboration between employees.

Netbreeze (going forward to be referred to as "Social Listening") performs real-time analysis on the overall sentiment of potential and current customers via their posts on social media.

Moreover, mobile capabilities will most likely continue to expand and gain enhancements that produce better user interface experiences.

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