Upgrade for Fullscope Data Collection Inspires Productivity, Collaboration, and Connectivity

Upgrade for Fullscope Data Collection Inspires Productivity, Collaboration, and Connectivity

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Insights on EDGE Data Collection from: Greg O'Neal (Product Architect)

The recent release of Fullscope Data Collection for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 supports the mobile printing of barcode labels for many data collection forms including:

  1. ​​Purchase receipt
  2. Purchase receipt – arrival journal
  3. Purchase receipt – invoice update
  4. Production receipt
  5. Batch order receipt
  6. Item labels
  7. Location labels
  8. Miscellaneous labels

This function is ideal for manufacturers dealing with goods where pick accuracy is imperative because barcodes often need to be printed and applied at the point of receipt and on demand. As a result, this helps reduce the customization costs and the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Inspiring Productivity Improvements

Before this upgrade, manufacturers had to print labels manually, which required off-line activities that could potentially increase the risk of labels being affixed to the incorrect product.

Printing barcode labels at the point of receipt helps increase accuracy and reduce the opportunity for incorrect product identification and shipping errors.

Inspiring Process Collaboration

The cycle counting and shipping and receiving processes are now greatly improved by the mobile barcode printing capabilities, which is a vital improvement for inventory accuracy.​

Inspiring Connectivity

Fullscope Data Collection uses standard Dynamics AX connectivity and business logic so customization is rarely required. Process and transaction information leverage standard AX processes and code to extend the user interface into a friendly format for mobile data collection devices as well as stationary shop floor and warehouse devices.

Inspiring Simplicity

Fullscope Data Collection provides a simplified extension of standard AX screens to aid in the entry of item data during the shipping and receiving processes. Inventory journal transactions and cycle counting have been extended to the Fullscope Data Collection solution to ensure the accuracy of product identification. Any manufacturer that deals with a large variety of goods requires that accuracy.

"Scanning the right product, with the right quantity, and shipping to the right customer is imperative." ~ Greg O'Neal

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