Technical Tip: Configuring Development Best Practices

Technical Tip: Configuring Development Best Practices

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Insights From: Nic Verrecchia (Fullscope Senior Software Developer)

In a world where time is scarce for the vast majority of Microsoft Dynamics AX developers, many look for shortcuts to resolve deviations reported by a Best Practice check. These shortcuts, however, should come with a warning sign because putting them into practice could put a project at risk. This blog provides a brief overview on how to configure Best Practices.

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In order to enable Best Practices (BP) from the AX menu, select Tools, then Options.

The Options form will open. From the form, select Development.

From the Development workspace in the options form, click Compiler. The Compiler setup form will open. From the dropdown, select Level 4. This will report Best Practice deviations in the compiler window.

Next, select the BP checks you want to enable. To do this, from the options menu that you have opened, click on the Best Practices button. This will open the Best Practice parameters form. From the form, select the preferred warning level, and select or deselect checks you would like enabled.

When does the Best Practice check run?

Once the Best Practice settings have been configured, the check can run in a number of instances. While compiling your code, a check will run to validate this code meets the criteria of the Best Practice configuration. Once this code is complete and ready to check in, a Best Practice check will run and prevent any non-compliant code from being checked in.

You can also check an individual object or a group of objects:

Select the object(s) from the Application Object Tree (AOT),

Right-click on that selection,

Choose Add-Ins from the context menu,

Click Check Best Practices.

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