Life Sciences Manufacturers: Working Smarter

Life Sciences Manufacturers: Working Smarter

August's Blog Series Theme: Ideas That Inspire

Insights on Life Sciences manufacturing & ERP implementation from: Linda Hope (Pre-Sales Consultant), Glenn Goulding (Account Executive), and Emir Dobraca (Account Executive)​

What innovations are Life Sciences manufacturers leveraging?

Life sciences manufacturers work in a highly regulated sector of the industry and as a result have become increasingly focused on green/eco-friendly practices in order to stay ahead as well as compliant.

The global life sciences community is an excellent resource for sourcing and technology collaboration, and the continued innovations of cloud computing have assisted in reducing the risks associated with bringing together information networks by doing it responsibly.

Patient engagement via customer portals has increased as a result of the proliferation of smart technology. This means that life sciences manufacturers can engage consumers by more convenient means and better assist them during information acquisitions.

What is an inspiring message that could be gained from Life Sciences manufacturers?

These manufacturers are revolutionizing medicine by bringing therapeutic breakthroughs to market faster, which results in an improved ability to fight serious ailments and progress healthcare that enhances overall quality of life.

Three key components that Edgewater Fullscope and Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software provides for Life Sciences manufacturers include:

Regulatory Compliance Support:  ED​GE for AX Life Sciences & Pharma is an industry solution created by Fullscope to assist these manufacturers in maintaining regulatory compliance.
Software and System Validation Toolkits: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 offers templates and validation test scripts that allow life sciences manufacturers to comply with global and FDA regulations.
Real-time global access to data: Dynamics AX is a globally friendly solution (available for use in 36 countries) that provides unified operations resource models that improve efficiency by connecting data in real-time.

What do Life Sciences manufacturers need to consider when starting an ERP evaluation? ​

Life Sciences manufacturers are involved in a highly regulated sector with specific business requirements. So it's important to choose a vendor like Fullscope who can address them.​

Each manufacturing industry experiences similar challenges and in order to begin a solid ERP evaluation there must be an internal buy-in that goes beyond IT personnel. All sections of the company should be involved in the decision making process, and each department should have a subject matter expert that ensures a solid decision is made. Conducting internal surveys after each ERP demo allows each department's voice to be heard, which can help result in an overall consensus that everyone supports.

Popular software solutions that pair well with Microsoft Dynamics AX for life sciences manufacturers

Microsoft Office applications: Dynamics AX integrates well with these solutions and helps maximize productivity because they speak the same language and can communicate with one an other easily.

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS): These systems track and control the quality of products by using smart data and flexible interfaces. This is especially important for life sciences manufacturers because of the continuous advancement of laboratory needs.

Mobile tablet and phone apps: Life sciences manufacturers need access to data on-the-go as well as the ability to communicate and share information on-demand.

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