Is ERP Finally Going Mobile?

Is ERP Finally Going Mobile?

Okay – so you've got access to your ERP data via your phone.  But do you use it? Apparently quite a few executives in manufacturing companies do.  

Analyst firm Mint Jutras recently surveyed over 270 North American manufacturing companies about "all things ERP" including mobile access. The high level results are captured in the graphic above.

So what's the answer? 

Do executives have the mobile access they need? 

  • What other ERP-related things would they like to do on their phones or tablets, and why can't they do it now?  Is it an ERP limitation or still a future IT project?
  • Is the data (think "alerts") still pushed out by manual efforts or are they automatic?
  • Do they have mobile dashboards, and would they use them if they had them? What data would they like to see on the mobile dashboard?

Learn these answers and from this May 30 Webcast:  2014 ERP Trends (Now Available On Demand)

Listen to the Fullscope-sponsored webcast, 2014 ERP Trends: The Rules Have Changed, and hear Cindy Jutras present the findings from her firm's 2014 ERP Solutions survey.

She will provide answers to these mobile questions above and disclose additional, valuable insight on how important these topics below are to other manufacturing companies:

  • How do you know when it is really time to make a move to a new ERP system?
  • How do you cost justify the decision? What can you expect?
  • What's the average implementation time?
  • How much customization, if any, is required?
  • How important is multi-site capability?

Aren't you curious to know what your manufacturing peers are doing, and how you stack up?  Here's your chance.


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