Survey Says ... Top 2014 ERP Trends

Survey Says ... Top 2014 ERP Trends

Maybe ERP systems don't have trends equivalent to the latest "it" color or the hottest new car, but signs are evident of some market shifts around new purchases, system replacements and performance expectations. Add in technology considerations – like mobile, social and cloud – and we have the makings of a good survey.

That's exactly what Mint Jutras does. Each year, this analyst firm conducts independent, survey-based research on ERP, suite-based enterprise applications and business performance management.  Over 270 North American manufacturing companies recently participated and the results capture the pulse of all things ERP.

So what's trendy in ERP these days?  Hear for yourself in this on-demand webcast.

Listen to the Fullscope-sponsored webcast, 2014 ERP Trends: The Rules Have Changed, and hear Cindy Jutras present the findings from her firm's 2014 ERP survey.

She will provide answers to these questions and disclose valuable insight on how important these topics are to other manufacturing companies:

  • How do you know when it is really time to make a move?
  • How do you cost justify the decision? What can you expect?
  • What's the average implementation time?
  • How much customization, if any, is required?
  • How important is multi-site capability?

Additionally, from an ease of access perspective, the webcast will provide insight on how executives access ERP data, and how they use mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets, to make actionable decisions based on enterprise data.

Here's an another glimpse into the survey results, published in The Mobile Executive's Connection to ERP: Making it the Path Well-Travelled blog.

"More and more executives are directly connected to ERP, with the percentage of companies saying all have access and regularly use ERP increasing from 47% to 57% year over year. And yet we see little progress in putting dashboards from ERP on mobile devices or sending alerts or giving these executives the ability to take action directly from these devices.

And to make matters worse, we uncovered another disconnect. In a separate question we asked what participants were actually doing with mobile devices, and how often they were doing it.

While the vast majority use these devices for mobile communication (email, text, chat and phone), the percentage drops off dramatically when it comes to accessing enterprise data."1

This research then begs several questions, first and foremost, what level of access do executives really want for ERP data on mobile devices? Second, why don't they have it now? Has IT not gotten to it (primarily creating the mobile dashboards), or is the ERP system simply not mobile friendly?

Mobile is definitely a lasting trend that is here to stay, and it is trying to find its place in ERP to help drive more effective business decision making.  Based on this infographic with information derived from the 2014 ERP survey data, mobile access to enterprise data, regardless if it's an actionable or static alert or a dashboard, clearly has room for improvement.

Find out answers to these mobile questions and more.


1 Source: Mint Jutras, 2014 ERP Solutions Studies

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