Reason #2 to See CRM 2013: New Intuitive Interface

Reason #2 to See CRM 2013: New Intuitive Interface

Here's the second blog (and reason) in our series, Top 10 reasons to see Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

#2 New Intuitive User Interface – No More Pop Ups!

The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has a cleaner, faster and more intuitive user interface to help drive your productivity. It offers single window navigation that provides you a view of everything you need, where you need it -- without popups. No longer having to flip between apps means its easier to access and change prospect/customer information and frees your sales, customer service and marketing departments to focus on your customers.

In CRM 2013, the classic navigation panel and ribbon bar are replaced with drop-down navigation and a smaller command bar, which frees up valuable real estate for more relevant information. Popups have been replaced with a flat user experience, embedded window-quick forms and inline editing.  No popups promotes a more efficient quote and order process.

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