Smoother Implementations Expected with New Microsoft Dynamics AX Lifecycle Services

Smoother Implementations Expected with New Microsoft Dynamics AX Lifecycle Services

Microsoft officially released Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services this summer. It’s a new cloud-based service available to both Microsoft customers and partners. According to the Lifecycle Services user guide:

“Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services provides a cloud-based collaborative workspace that customers and their partners can use to manage Microsoft Dynamics AX projects from pre-sales to implementation and operations. Based on the phase of your project and the industry vertical, the site provides checklists and tools that you can use to help you manage the project. It also provides a dashboard so that you have a single place to get up-to-date project information.”

Key functionality includes:
  1. Collaboration Workspaces – Project management utilities
  2. Business Process Modeler (BPM) – Level 100 BPM tool that helps generate documents and flow
  3. Code & Upgrade Analysis – Best practice, performance and upgradeability analysis
  4. License Sizing Estimator – Assist in CAL-level estimates
  5. Usage Profiler – Analysis of Dynamics AX usage by users and batch processes to assist with hardware sizing
  6. Issue Search – For researching application issues, analyzing hotfix impact on application objects and getting notifications for status changes
  7. Diagnostics – To evaluate, monitor and analyze the overall health of Dynamics AX environments and provide actionable corrective actions.

Lifecycle Services is available to customers and partners as part of their support plans.

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